The button above opens a page with various engagements, book events, workshops, and talks you're welcome to attend. This particular year, with the release of two new books I've edited of James Thurber's works, there's a good many events related to this Year of Thurber...the 125th year of his birth. 
And below, just a selection of cheerful tidbits that I'm passing along... 
Outrageous Animal Adaptations, a middle-grade nonfiction books about a couple dozen creatures' bizarre survival strategies was just named a Bank Street Best Book of the Year. 
I'm proud to be a part of Doug Swift's video created for Foot by Foot: 
An article for Edible Columbus, on poetry, meals, hiking, yoga. "Increasingly, I value 'stillness.' Still here—I’ll take it! Still hopeful. (Beats the alternative.) Spend more time being still, staying still, sitting still and my own quirky notion: seeing still."
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